The Central Highlands Cotton Growers and Irrigators Association (CHCG&IA) is a local industry group that represents growers/irrigators and associated businesses in agriculture. Membership is comprised of members who grow crops that include cotton, mungbeans, soybeans, sunflowers, chickpeas, wheat, grapes, melons and citrus.  Associate members include product resellers, bankers, agronomists, consultants, contractors, ginners, merchants and researchers. Supporter membership is for family members, employees of growers or industry businesses or other people who have a genuine interest in the industry and would like to support our values and initiatives.

The irrigation areas are serviced by the Nogoa, Comet, Belyando and McKenzie River catchments and businesses are a mix of family and corporate operations.  The CHCG&IA represent the industry by;
• Promoting economically viable and environmentally sustainable growth in the industry
• Promoting industry Best Practice and facilitating education opportunities for its members
• Promote a support network locally and representing members at a district, state and national level
• Advocating ‘production, research, protection and advancement’ of the local industry.

The capacity of the CHCG&IA to achieve its purpose relies on strong representation from cotton growers and industry partners in the Central Highlands. As a CHCG&IA member, your voice will be counted in our collaborative efforts to tell our story, solve any issues or challenges, and progress the cotton industry in our region.

By creating a friendly and inclusive platform for our members to have a say on all cotton-related matters, it gives our executive the tools to influence decision making.

Your membership supports  the following initiatives;
• The CHCG&IA Weather Station Network
• Emerald Agricultural College CHCG&IA and Cotton Australia Scholarship and Graduation
• The Emerald Show – Community Education Stand and Cotton Picker Pull
• The Emerald Show – Agricultural Industry Fireworks
• EKKA – Natural Fibres Competition
• ‘Teach the Teacher’ Cotton Farm Tour
• CHCG&IA Agricultural Awards Evening

A strong membership base underpins the CHCG&IA’s power to influence change, implement innovative strategies and cement the Central Highlands region as a major player in the Australian cotton industry.

As a member of the CHCG&IA, you will be joining other irrigators and cotton (rain-grown or irrigated) growers –united as one voice – to give weight to a shared agenda. Why work in solo when you can benefit from the knowledge, experience and insights of fellow cotton professionals?

Benefits of CHCG&IA membership

Stay informed

Keep up-to-date on all local cotton industry issues. The CHCG&IA will do the legwork for you, and deliver any pertinent news or information straight to you by email or mail.


Connect with other cotton growers and industry representatives in the region by participating in our calendar of events. CHCG&IA -hosted field events are free for members.


Expand your involvement in the cotton industry through your CHCG&IA membership by accessing collaboration opportunities with our partners, including Cotton Australia.

Have your say

As a CHCG&IA member, you are eligible to vote on major decisions, such as Cotton Australia board positions.